Dental Issues Associated With Oral Piercings

Oral piercings have become popular among both men and women. While you may think of these piercings as a wonderful addition to your appearance, they actually come with a lot of health risks.

In this article, we are going to discuss the risk of oral piercings to oral health.

Chipping and cracking of teeth

When you get a lip or tongue piercing, you need to know that it can actually lead to the risk of your teeth getting chipped or cracked. These chips and cracks can expose nerves in the tooth to oral bacteria, leading to the need of root canal treatment to save the tooth. This way, you may be able to use your tooth for normal chewing but you need to know the fact that a manmade replacement is not an ideal alternate of natural tooth.

Allergic reaction

Most of the oral piercings are made of nickel, which many people may be allergic to. It’s sad that they realize about this allergic reaction after the piercing has been placed.

Swallowing of parts

An oral piercing may be constituted of several parts combined together. Hence, it is possible for these parts to lose hold of each other. As a result, one may end up swallowing the parts of these piercings.


When you get your tongue pierced, you actually expose your tongue and other systems of body against the risk of infection. This is due to the fact that our mouths are filled with bacteria which tend to deliver harm to the oral and overall health. These bacteria can stick to the piercing and cause damage to the tissues through which the piercings run through. These piercings can also lead to a condition which is called Endocarditis. This condition is basically associated with the exposure of bloodstream to bacteria. This condition can result in several systematic infections throughout the body.

Changes in speech and eating

With your tongue and lips pierced, you may not be able to eat or speak properly. While you can surely improve the way you speak and eat, getting the oral parts pierced is not a risk worth taking.

Immediate swelling

Everyone reacts differently to piercings. If you have a problem of getting the swelling immediately, a piercing may result in blockage of airways and making it difficult for you to breathe and speak.

Split tongue

Oral piercing can cut the tongue half, causing a lengthwise cleft. This split of tongue can cause it to look like a snake tongue.

Trauma to gums

The lip piercings put your gums at the risk of getting trauma. The reason is that these piercings can cause scratches and cuts, leading to the infectious trauma on the gums.


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